Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

"I've learned there are things things in life you can't talk about: politics, religion, and the Great Pumpkin."
- Linus Van Pelt, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A word of thanks

Dear Mr. Hunter,

Words can not express the hearts full of gratitude across Minnesota. You came up to a team that only the most devoted baseball fans still clung to and made it shine again. Three cheers to our face when we so desperately needed one and to the leader to our current stars.

Thank you for nine years of power, speed, agility. Thank you for nine years of thrills, chills, diving catches in center field, and making us believe that Spiderman is real. Thank you for stepping into the big shoes of Kirby and keeping his legacy alive. Thank for the losing seasons, the winning seasons, and the playoffs, because in every season, Minnesota knew that you left nothing on the field.

Thank you for not giving up a team headed for contraction. Thank you for your generosity, for becoming a light and a reason for hope for so many in this community. In an age where the player sometimes forgets who comes to the games, thank you for showing your love and your time to the fans.

Most importantly, thank you for nine years of smiles and a genuine love for the game of baseball.

It is my sincerest wish that you will continue to be superhero in center field next year, but if another team is lucky enough to include you on their roster, you will always have a least one Homer Hanky that waves for you!

Minnesota loves you, #48 and hopes to see you in our uniform for many years to come.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Proper Writing Utensils

I am still working at the Learning Center. Today, one of my middle school students brought in her math homework so that I could check to see that she was indeed doing the problems correctly. I noticed that her homework was being done in pen and inquired to her about it. This girl's math teacher told her that she must complete all homework in blue or black ink.

Needless to say, I was stunned and had a difficult time stating a polite response. It is wrong of teachers to have students complete homework, especially math homework, in pen. This implants the idea to students that they must be perfect and there is no room for error. Homework is the time to practice the new concepts learnt in the classroom. It is the time to make mistakes; after all mistakes are an important part of the learning process. Therefore, homework needs to be written so it can be refined, so it can be erased!

Attention, everyone! There is this new-fangled tool that is great for homework. It is made of graphite and comes in a variety of styles (I prefer mechanical or natural wood). It is cheap. The best part, it erases. Three cheers for the pencil!


So...I didn't get a teaching job for the fall. As a fairly recent college grad (just over one year ago), I don't have any experience and ALL districts give preference to those with classroom experience. However, if I never get hired by a district, how am I supposed to get teaching experience?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Celebrity Sighting

Yesterday morning, as my parents and I were on our way home from church, I looked out the window and notice a black Acura with a vanity license plate: SANTA-S. The plastic holder around the plate read: "My other car is a sleigh." The driver of this car was an older, pleasant-looking gentleman with white hair and a long, white beard. He even was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt and had a little white poodle with him. Mom, Dad and I smiled and waved. This man smiled and waved back. I think we made the good list this year.

Philosophical Chocolates

Here are some of the special messages in Dove chocolates I bought a few days ago.

Listen to your heartbeat and dance.

Smile before bed. You'll sleep better.

Make your eyes twinkle.

Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A different movie experience

Last night, or rather this morning, I went to a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End with a close friend and college roommate Jenny Kay. At 11:30, after standing in line for about 45 min. - 1 hr., we filed into the theater. As there we only two of us in our party, we were able to get decent seats. While we were waiting for the film to commence, Jenny Kay made on interesting comment. "There is a difference in going to a midnight show. You actually communicate with those around you. It is as if there is a camaraderie among the crowd."

She is right. The norms of going out to the cinema are thrown out the window. First, it isn't required to speak in hushed or whispered voices while either in line or in the theater while you are waiting for the start time. No one bats on eye if you begin shouting. Second, people strike up conversations with complete strangers. Clique-mentality disappears. Jenny Kay and I were fortunate to stand in line in front of this neat couple who are in a wedding later today and sit next to a group who were playing hooky today from work. We chatted as if we were old friends. Third, the whole crowd is drawn into the film and previews. Everyone cheered loudly after the Transformers preview and a standing ovation occurred after the film ended.

In short, we had a blast at this showing. A midnight showing is not just for the die hard crazies; they are for anyone who wants to have an awesome movie experience. If you have never been to an opening day midnight showing, I suggest you heed the call and go. Your movie experience will increase 10-fold.